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As any kid who has attended one of our programs can attest, Direction is a unique place.  Here are some of the ways we a different from other programs:

1.  Our staff.


Consider this: we’ve been open for 16 years, and have never hired anyone based on advertising for a position. Not once. Instead, we hand-select staff that have a deep love for working with children, a commitment to practice what they preach, and a lifestyle that mirrors the philosophies we teach our kids. It takes a rare clinician to become staff here.  What's more, we have a staff with an extremely wide array of areas of expertise, including a child and adolescent psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, occupational therapist , RN, and speech therapist.  This many different points of view, along with the intensive nature of our program and ability to monitor kids over time, give us a huge advantage in figuring out what the problem is and what to do about it.   Check out some of our stories on Our Staff Page.  


2.  Our approach.


Our treatment approach is simple and honest.  It is refreshingly free of acronyms, jargon, buzz-words, empty phrases, and gimmicks.  We create a space in which kids can identify what they want to change about themselves, set goals, and pursue them with unwavering support and feedback. We aren’t about “adding tools to the toolbox” or about learning superficial coping skills.  We are about growing into healthy, mature, and independent adults.


3.  Our facility. 


Our new facility is over 8000 square feet spread over two levels.  It includes a gymnasium with a basketball hoop, pickleball net, and professional-grade exercise area.  We have numerous musical instruments, a PA system, and quite literally could (and will at some point) put on a rock concert here.  Outside, we have a huge parking area and area along the river which make for great frisbee.  We are located at one end of Mines Falls which offers great nature trails we frequently take the kids for walks on.  There is a cafe located immediately upstairs from us.  Kids are usually wide-eyed when they see the space -- for a mental health program, it is simply unmatched.  


4.  Our experience.


We’ve been open for 16 years without change in ownership.  Direction is owned and operated by a child and adolescent psychiatrist who is a clinician first and foremost, and integrally involved in the day-to-day care here.   We have earned an outstanding reputation in the community and helped over 3000 kids and their families. Many kids have told us the experience changed their lives.  Two came back sporting Direction tattoos.  

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