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An important element of the IOP experience and part of the intake process is the Parenting Group.  All parents are urged to participate in this group within the first week of their child’s membership.

In addition, our groups are open to the public.  Many parents whose children are no longer in the program continue to come.


This group has three main objectives:


1. You will be introduced to our parenting principles, how they work in our program, and how you can use them at home. It will help maximize the effectiveness of your child’s time in our program by offering the opportunity to integrate our approach more fully in your home.

2. It will provide insight into your child’s experience in the Direction Program. (Keep in mind that the confidentiality of all groups is strictly maintained.)

3. It will utilize the power of the group experience to provide you with some personal support, just as it does for your child.

The group currently meets on Wednesdays via Zoom, though we hope to return to in-person Parenting Groups in the near future.  It operates with a fluid, open membership, like the IOP, allowing parents to choose their level of participation from week to week. Parents are encouraged to come to as many Parenting Groups as they feel is helpful, whether or not their child is attending the program at that time.  No fee required.

We recommend all parents attending our parenting group look over our Parenting Group Handbook.

In addition, you can check out our Introduction to Wholeistic Education Videos,

and our book, The Art of Direction.

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