DBHA has assembled a diverse team of clinicians with a wide range of clinical and life experiences, but we all share one thing in common: we love what we do. We believe our passion for our work is the single most important ingredient in Direction's success.  We have consistently have found that if we are having a good time, so too are our clients. Our enthusiasm and humor tend to be infectious, and allow us to help our clients work through even the most challenging problems.

We also understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works with every client. Our success hinges upon our ability to create the right mix of services for each person. In creating this mix, we draw upon the unique skills of each of our associates. We believe it is our ability to embrace individual differences, and yet incorporate them into a unified approach based on each client’s own personal needs, that enables us to address such a broad range of clinical challenges so effectively.



Duncan graduated from Harvard College with a B.A. in Physical Sciences, obtained his M.D. from Saba University School of Medicine, and completed a Residency in General Psychiatry and Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut. He worked for over three years as a full-time staff psychiatrist at Community Council of Nashua’s Child and Adolescent Program. He also has done work for Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and evaluations for New Hampshire's court system.  He is Board Certified in both General and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Outside of work, Dr. Gill enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and was one of two known child psychiatrists in New England able dunk, though his years may have caught up with him. He also enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar.




Cofounder and Program Director at Direction, Joe sadly passed away in October of 2020. Nevertheless, his legacy at Direction is profound.  

Joseph Walsh, LCMHC was a licensed therapist (though he chafed at the title for reasons to be explained later) who worked for over 15 years in a supervisory position at Nashua Children’s Home with some of the most troubled of children and families. He spent much of his life developing Wholeistic Education, a comprehensive approach to living in pursuit of optimal wellness. He pursued numerous interests outside of his work, including the design and creation of electric guitars and amplifiers, a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a love of all sports except soccer. He was also the (self-proclaimed) world expert on “All Things [Led] Zep[pelin]”.



Since the passing of Joe Walsh, Victoria has assumed the title of Program Director.  They were indeed large shoes to fill, but she has done an outstanding job.   Before coming to Direction, Victoria had been employed at the Nashua Children’s Home as a Residential Counselor. For several years, Victoria has distinguished herself as a special young worker in the field of human services. She leads by example, bringing an unusual blend of serious focus and loving concern to her work with children and families. Direction benefits immensely from her unique ability to connect with all types of people. Victoria is a true life-long learner, she is a certified yoga instructor, and her continuing, personal education includes her study of psychology and farming.



Paul worked as a Case Manager at Keystone Hall, an inpatient substance abuse treatment center, prior to coming to Direction. He also has experience leading groups using WED at The Nashua Treatment Center. Paul is Credentialed through the New Hampshire Board of Substance Use Professionals as a Certified Recovery Support Worker.  We are lucky to have him bring his humility and gentle nature to our team.  Outside of Direction, he enjoys raising his 2 sons using WED, homesteading, playing ice hockey, and reading. If you see him, don’t forget to ask his stats in his “old guy” hockey league!



Catie is our “front desk lady” (Office Manager), medical records coordinator and computer technician. In addition, you will meet and speak with Catie as she greets visitors in person and over the phone. Catie also helps some of the older generation understand (or fathom at least) the changing world of adolescent customs, social medial and gadgetry. With her great sense of humor and particularly infectious laugh, she is a frequent client favorite at Direction. Catie is a skilled artisan and enjoys sharing her skills with clients. She particularly enjoys pottery and drawing. She is an avid Formula 1 racing fan and enjoys traveling.



A gentle giant at 6’3”, Ben is one of the most good-natured people you’ll meet.  He has a knack for connecting with teenagers of all sorts.  He also brings musical talent and know-how to Direction, having studied sound engineering and having collaborated with numerous music artists by creating, producing, and selling his own “Beats”.  (He’s also an excellent drummer.)  Ben is an avid follower of all the New England sports teams and knows all the stats worth knowing.



Angela brings a quiet confidence to Direction, and is studying psychology at Northeastern with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist.  She also works as a Pilates instructor.  Angela is a serious athlete in multiple sports including softball, soccer, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else you'll find on ESPN -- she picks things up pretty darn quickly.  Also pictured here is Yogi, whom she is training to be a therapy dog and future Direction counselor.



Inspired by her own struggles with mental health as a teenager, Kath has decided to pursue a career in mental health so she can help others navigate their way through adolescence.  She is majoring in psychology at Leslie College. Kath has experience working at McLean Hospital’s inpatient unit with adults with severe mental illness, and brings both personal and professional experience to her work.  For fun, she enjoys running, writing, yoga, and dog-walking.