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DBHA has put together a diverse team of clinicians with a wide range of clinical and life experiences, but we all share one thing in common: we love what we do.  


The kids can tell, and it makes a big difference.  In 16 years we've never "advertised" for positions.  These are all folks we know well and have brought onto the team because they like working with kids and have a great sense of humor.  And you can't get very far in this field if you don't have both.  

Our Staff: About


Duncan graduated from Harvard College with a B.A. in Physical Sciences, obtained his M.D. from Saba University School of Medicine, and completed a Residency in General Psychiatry and Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut. He worked for over three years as a full-time staff psychiatrist at Community Council of Nashua’s Child and Adolescent Program. He also has done work for Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and evaluations for New Hampshire's court system.  Outside of work, Dr. Gill enjoys plays electric guitar in a band and sports of all kinds.  


He has been known as one of two known child psychiatrists in New England able to dunk. You can see his last known attempt here.



Cofounder and Program Director at Direction, Joe sadly passed away in October of 2020. Nevertheless, his legacy at Direction is profound.  

Joseph Walsh, LCMHC was a licensed therapist (though he chafed at the title for reasons to be explained later) who worked for over 15 years in a supervisory position at Nashua Children’s Home with some of the most troubled of children and families. He spent much of his life developing Wholeistic Education, a comprehensive approach to living in pursuit of optimal wellness. He pursued numerous interests outside of his work, including the design and creation of electric guitars and amplifiers, a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a love of all sports except soccer. He was also the (self-proclaimed) world expert on “All Things [Led] Zep[pelin]”.

Joe had at least one song dedicated to him over the years, though it didn't make the charts.  It's a tongue-in-cheek number called Joe Walsh Ain't Your Friend, and you can hear it here.



Valerie has been at Direction since 2020. She has Bachelors degrees in psychology and health science with an emphasis in neuroscience and a masters degree and associated license in occupational therapy from Saint Francis University. Valerie has a passion for working with children and teens and helping them establish lifelong healthy practices. In her free time, Valerie enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and hiking.  And all the other staff are nice to her because she has a black belt in American Kenpo.



Erin knows teenagers.  In addition to her work at Direction, she worked for over 20 years as a licensed teacher in the Hollis-Brookline school system.  With her wry sense of humor, laid-back demeanor, yet capacity for attention to detail (she is a truly paradoxical Type A and Type B personality mix), kids just like her.  So do the staff.  When not hanging around teens, Erin is an outdoors-type and teaches both CPR and wilderness first aid.  You might also bump into her on the backcountry hiking trails.   



Angela brings a quiet confidence to Direction, and is studying psychology at Northeastern with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist.  She also works as a Pilates instructor.  Angela is a serious athlete in multiple sports including softball, soccer, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else you'll find on ESPN -- she picks things up pretty darn quickly.  Also pictured here is Yogi, whom she is training to be a therapy dog and future Direction counselor.



A gentle giant at 6’3”, Ben is one of the most good-natured people you’ll meet.  He has a knack for connecting with teenagers of all sorts.  He also brings musical talent and know-how to Direction, having studied sound engineering and having collaborated with numerous music artists by creating, producing, and selling his own beats.  (He’s also an excellent drummer.)  Ben is an avid follower of all the New England sports teams and knows all the stats worth knowing.

You can listen to one of Ben's beats here.



Boy, are we blessed to have this guy back. Rick grew up in (and thankfully, survived) inner-city New Orleans, and brings a life experience and hard-earned wisdom to our program like no one else.  He worked for many years in New Orleans with the most disadvantaged of youth, and later for several years at Nashua Children’s Home.  He is part of an exceptionally talented family, which includes a daughter who appeared on American Idol, and a son in high school on track to play D1 football.  If you get a chance, ask him about pet tarantulas.



Jessica is our newest counselor who has over 15 years experience in advertising working at companies like Amazon, Comcast and Snapchat. A year ago, she made a bold decision to leave behind the corporate world and follow her passion to help others. Her journey from the fast-paced realm of ad tech to the field of mental health brings a fresh perspective to the field and a unique understanding of human behavior. She is currently focused on obtaining her Masters in Counseling at Rivier University while bringing Direction to the next level. 



Catie is our “front desk lady” (Office Manager), medical records coordinator and computer technician. In addition, you will meet and speak with Catie as she greets visitors in person and over the phone. Catie also helps some of the older generation understand (or fathom at least) the changing world of adolescent customs, social medial and gadgetry. With her great sense of humor and particularly infectious laugh, she is a frequent client favorite at Direction. Catie is a skilled artisan and enjoys sharing her skills with clients. She particularly enjoys pottery and drawing. She is an avid Formula 1 racing fan.

She has decorated her entire office to look like the night sky.  You can see her favorite website here.

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