In our efforts to continue to bring our services to struggling youth and their families, Direction has launched its virtual version of our Intensive Outpatient Program.  We are offering all the same services as our traditional IOP through Zoom, our Telehealth platform.  

There are three Zoom sessions that run simultaneously:

1.  The Group Session.  Between 10 and 20 kids join per day for our main therapy group, which is subdivided during the day into smaller groups with different activities and focuses.  

2.  The Doc's Office Session.  Kids are able to meet with Dr. Gill to discuss medication and non-medication-related issues.  

3.  The Parenting Group Session.  Parents are able to join in a group with Joe Walsh and other staff knowledgeable in Wholeistic Education.

The process for setting up an intake is the same as always: simply give our office a call at 603-880-8188.  

We look forward to hearing from you, and working together to help you and your children during these difficult times.  

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